About us

The Bulgarian National Institute for Standardization and Anti-corruption, UIC 204985476 is an organization registered for social benefit.
Our team involves professionals with higher legal and economic education with more than 20 years consulting experience. We have the ambition and we hope to improve management and to reduce corruption.
Our basic activity is development, implementation and audit of Management Systems in the public and private institutions and enterprises.
The Bulgarian National Institute of Standardization and Anti-corruption is a part of the distinguished organization Anti-Bribery Academy International (http://antibriberyacademy.eu/), which we represent as Anti-Bribery Academy Bulgaria. This international structure is with more than 23-year experience in the implementation of the management systems. It is one of the organizations that has contributed to the establishment of ISO 37001 - Management Systems in 2006 for fight against corruption and has successfully implemented its standard in a number of structures. Members of the International Anti-corruption Academy are national organizations from most of the European countries, as well as some structures from other continents.