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The Bulgarian National Institute of Standardization and Anti-corruption develops, implements and makes audits of the Management Systems.

Development and implementation of management systems

The Management System is the way that an organization uses to manage the interconnected parts of its business in order to achieve its objectives. These objectives may involve various indicators also including the quality of the products and services, the operational efficiency, the ecological indexes, the safe and healthy labour conditions and many others. The Management Systems of ISO (MSS) help the organizations to improve their results, as by identifying the repeating steps that the organizations deliberately follow in order to achieve their objectives and tasks and to establish an organizational structure that to reflect the continuous cycle of self-assessment, correction and improvement of the operations and processes – management of the leadership and the engagement of the employees.

Maintenance of management systems

The maintenance of a quality management system involves:
- Preparing a plan for a continuous improvement of the maintenance;
- Coordination with the team, being responsible for the performance;
- Ensuring an appropriate education for the employees, herein including also increasing the knowledge as well as courses for quality management in addition to the ensured for the employees competence with reference to the assignments that they have to accomplish;
- Current control of the processes and the documents;
- Execution of an internal audit;
- Inspection of the management after the audit;
- Implementation of current corrections and improvements;
- Accomplishing improvements based on a continuous rate;
- Integration with other existing systems for management of ISO.

Education (for internal auditors)

We have analyzed the needs of the organization by defining and ensuring the required education. We offer courses for education to award certifications of professional education pursuant to ISO 17024 and the national legislation. Our programs for education that have been already recognized by the professional associations and institutions provide quite practical know-how thanks to our highest quality couching staff.

We are convinced that only through sharing knowledge we shall achieve permanent improvement. That is why we do not hide our know-how but offer it with the help of some untraditional education, through innovative ways of sharing know-how, roll games and personal education.

We implement Management Systems in public and private institutions and enterprises. Here are some of our currently offered solutions:


Legal dictionary (1994 г.) provides the following definition about the corruption: „ An antisocial phenomenon characterized by moral degradation of a person or a social group and also by somebody’s illegal avail of his/her official or other position in order to achieve unlawful benefit. The most pronounced manifestation of corruption is the bribe.” ISO 37001 is an anti-corruption standard, developed by the International Standardization Organization in 2006 aiming to establish, implement, support and perfect a program for fighting corruption that to prevent, discover and address the risk of bribery in an organization or institution. ISO 37001 is purposed to collaborate for observing the laws for fighting corruption, applicable for a certain country.

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The corporative compliance is one of the greatest challenges for the risk management. The accomplishment a strict program for compliance and ethics, based on company values and appropriate compliance of risk helps the companies to support the integrity and to avoid or minimize the lack of correspondence. We manage organizations with their compliance management within the legislation and the applied standards and codes by applying the principles of ISO 19600. WE effect system compliance management to be integrated along with other systems for business management.

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National legislation

The Law for the Forfeiture of Illegally Acquired Assets.

Rules for the structure and activity of the Commission for the Forfeiture of Unlawfully Acquired Property and its Administration.

The Criminal Code.

Foreign legislation

European Council – Criminal Law Convention on Corruption (Convention on Criminal Law of the Council of Europe).
Civil Law Convention on Corruption of the Council of Europe (Council of Europe Convention on Civil Law).
European Union Convention Against Corruption involving Officials (EU Convention Against Corruption)
European Union Convention on the Protection of the Financial Interests of the European Communities (EU Financial Interest Convention).