(for internal auditors)

WE have analyzed the needs of the organization by defining and ensuring the required education. We offer courses for education to award certifications of professional education pursuant to ISO 17024 and the national legislation. Our programs for education that have been already recognized by the professional associations and institutions provide quite practical know-how thanks to our highest quality couching staff . We are convinced that only through sharing knowledge we shall achieve permanent improvement.

That is why we do not hide our know-how but offer it with the help of some untraditional education, through innovative ways of sharing know-how, roll games and personal education.

Similar to the external audits, it is obligatory regular internal audits to be held. These audits control whether the processes are carried out as it is prescribed in the procedures. They, however, play quite important role with the distribution of all spheres for potential improvement in the quality management system . The audit will prove whether the issues were caused by employees, not corresponding to the procedures or the procedures should be improved. The internal audits are accomplished by the members of the product support and as with the external audit the report will be prepared after the end of the audit. It will specify all inconsistences that were traced and will provide recommendations for all spheres offered for improvement. At the end of the report another form will be provided that will allow the Manager of the business units to provide some feedback for the product support about the efficiency of the audit.